The Buzz 03.10.16

Only Bond that can save N.C. is 007.

I used to hate winter.

Are the flags at half staff because the GOP is dead?

March Madness – debate style.

Can we stop calling them debates? There’s no resemblance.

Mommy! Donald’s being mean again!

Donald Trump = Frank Underwood, minus the charm.

Cruz’s problem is his rhetoric sounds more like a New Testament Pharisee than a Disciple.

Seems as if the last thing we can do is trusTED.

Seems they should hold the next GOP debate in a daycare center.

Where was Mitt’s aggression when we cared?

We definitely have a two party system – politicians on one side, “we the people” on the other.

Stop promising me stuff and tell me what you’ll do for my country.

Thanks to Apple, my phone is now more secure than my government.