The Buzz 03.11.16

Lift the ban on ash pond well water? What the Flint were they thinking?

N.C. says it’s OK to drink your well water now! Trust me.

Next N.C. will tell you ash pond water is good for you.

Make America Great Again – find a new set of candidates.

Cruzin’ to be runner-up...

Liberalism is like a nude beach. It sounds great until you get there.

Instead of waterboarding, make POWs watch Cruz-Rubio-Trump debates.

Hill and Donald make Chicken Little sound restrained.

The Four Horsemen of American Politics: Fear, bigotry, religion, money.

The “Party of No” has become the “Party of Oh No!”

Pay a toll to drive 80? Waste of $$$. You’d have to slow down.

Developers + county planners = road rage and hypertension.

Please take a poll asking if people are sick and tired of polls.