The Buzz 03.13.16

Can you say, Surgeon General Ben Carson?

And so the race for VP begins...

Republicans handed Trump the baton, now they’re racing to take it back.

It’s “We the People,” not “You the Establishment.”

Cruz, Trump, Rubio, blah blah, blah. Kasich makes sense. Listen, voters!

Don’t TrusTED. TrusTRUMP.

Both parties are fixin’ to have “come to Jesus meetings” come convention time.

Wish I could Stubhub my votes.

I’ve figured out who supports Trump – the same folks who believe “rasslin” is real.

Seems Trump is on his own Smackdown tour.

OK, Trumpism is a reaction, but Obama, not the GOP, is the proximate cause.

Bet the airlines wish the toll contract reps for N.C. negotiated the airport deal.

That Grayson Allen’s quite a trip, huh?