The Buzz 03.16.16

Right Wing has chased Hillary’s smoke for 25 years. How incompetent are they not to find any fire?

“Values Voters” voting for Trump have no values.

Trump is not on the campaign trail, he is on an ego trip.

The only state Rubio won was the State of Denial.

Bernie’s rally nearby drew 10,000 people. Only 10 had to miss work.

If these United States were an automobile our “Check Election” light would be flashing.

A nation addicted to narcissist entertainment has no right to whine about comic book candidates.

Socialists to my left. Bullies to my right. Stuck in the middle with ?

All politicians’ resumes contain three traits: Power, Ego and Greed.

We’d all be much better off if we exchanged our cameras for mirrors.

Finally a streetcar gets proper recognition ... in a museum.

I’ll vote for the candidate who promises to abolish Daylight Saving Time!