The Buzz 03.17.16

With the Supreme Court nomination, the GOP plays checkers while the President plays chess.

I hadn’t had morning sickness in 50 years ... and then I saw Wednesday’s headlines.

Nick Mackey. Donald Trump. How gullible can NC voters be?

Trump: Next in White House; Clinton: Next in Big House.

Wonder how many rooms Trump would add to the White House?

Trump, the new Teflon Don.

Trump haters need to learn their ABCs: Anybody But Clinton.

Feel the burnt.

Won’t someone please buy Ted Cruz a nice pair of pants? Those jeans have got to be dirty by now!

Now it’s Cruz and Trump. Lurch vs The Fonz.

Those immigrants didn't take your jobs. They were given your jobs.

Did Patrick Cannon need an ID to plead guilty to voter fraud?

Time of the year to figure out what channel TruTV is on.