Want to win our annual limericks contest? Be funny like these guys

If there ever was an election that needed some limerick humor, this one might be it.
If there ever was an election that needed some limerick humor, this one might be it. AP

Thursday is St. Patrick’s Day and Limerick, Ireland, will be celebrating in fine fashion. But that’s not why it’s a fitting time to launch the 21st Observer Politics & Public Policy Limericks Contest. The real reason is that Bill McGloughlin is busting at the seams.

McGloughlin, a library manager at a local university, is one of the best and most prolific participants in the Observer’s contest each year. He has sent in six limericks so far – and the contest hasn’t even begun.

McGloughlin is among scores of Observer readers who view events of the day through a humorous and poetic lens. The contest is your chance to combine your wit and knowledge of news to give Observer readers a chuckle.

For example, after Charlotte’s controversial “bathroom ordinance” debate, McGlouglin decided he had a solution:

Just last week it was Women’s or Men’s,

Now with gender fluidity trends

Either door, I surmise,

May contain a surprise,

So, my choice on the matter? Depends.

McGloughlin thinks he knows why Chris Christie threw his weight behind Donald Trump – and it wasn’t a job in the Trump administration:

An endorsement from Christie, you say?

But for Trump? Are you kidding? No way!

What enticed Christie most?

A Cabinet post?

Or V.P.? Or an endless buffet?

John and Wes Long, a father-son combo, have dominated the contest for years. That prompted Bob Aldrich of Lake Waccamaw to get his first entry in early:

To your limerick contest poets throng.

Competition remains very strong.

Is it soon to begin?

For a verse that will win,

We need to submit before Long.

You get the idea. The contest will run for four weeks after today. We’ll publish the best entries online on Wednesday afternoons and in print Thursday mornings. We will offer weekly prizes and a grand prize commensurate with a competition as high-brow as this.

Send entries to me, Editorial Page Editor Taylor Batten, at The deadline is 9 a.m. each Wednesday. Please try to use the right meter; many don’t. Entries should concern themselves with current events, preferably politics and public policy.

Now, commence finding the many words that rhyme with Trump!

How to do it

Limericks basics: Five lines, with a rhyming scheme of A-A-B-B-A. It generally is da DUM da da DUM da da DUM for lines one, two and five; and da DUM da da DUM for lines three and four.