The Buzz 03.19.16

Dear Reasonable Republicans, do you really want Trump to pick the Supreme Court judge?

Things are pretty dismal when Ted Cruz represents the mainstream alternative to Donald Trump.

Trump is cocky, insulting, dissembling - Obama’s worthy successor.

Can a Mack Trump be stopped?

Judge Garland: No guns, no robe.

Maybe Hillary should have had an iPhone.

What might Donald Trump do on April 1?

With the price of sandals these days, Jesus would have to go barefoot.

Apparently ISIS doesn’t offer all of the amenities that an American traitor might hope for.

Carpe Diem = seize the day; Sternumenta Diem = Sneeze the day.

Walk, walk, carry, carry, carry, push, charge while faking seizure, foul call, chest pound, walk, walk, carry...

First round of games and I’m out!