The Buzz 03.20.16

Today’s checks and balances: I write the checks, you make things balance in my favor.

Build the wall – around Washington.

Socialists to my left. Bullies to my right. Stuck in the middle with ?

It appears Republicans are again poised to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

Donald Trump: the only one who can get this country out of the mess we are in.

Since Senator Burr is near the end of his term, shouldn’t he abstain from voting until November?

No compensation beyond $19.3 million? Oh, John Stumpf, you poor dear.

Imagine if Ron Carlee negotiated City contracts as well as his own extension?

Charlotte! Please sign me up for three months and $25,000.00!

Why are they wasting money bringing Cannon here? Skype, anyone?

Chris Webber as NCAA announcer? How about OJ for Attorney General?