The Buzz 03.23.16

N.C. special session: Our tax dollars down the toilet.

A special session on where we pee, but not on the water we drink!

Feel the Bern? Yes, in your wallet!

In the Comb-over Apocalypse, I hope Katniss lives in my sector.

Trump’s latest wins – just another brick in the wall.

Time for a new cup, this tea party is over.

Trump is a symptom, not a cure.

It’d be “so amazing” if Donald would just go away.

Does the GOP have a death wish?

Democrats: Taking the United out of United States.

I bid ’16 no Trump.

Batman vs Superman – the greatest mismatch since Trump vs Rubio.

Wonder how bad it’d be to not have a president?

Mock immigration arrests? Coal ash die-in? Who needs the arts?

Don’t hate the traffic circle. Hate the idiots who don’t know how to use it.