The Buzz 03.24.16

There go our tax dollars – the $42K-a-day flush.

“Small government Republicans” – unless we don’t agree with you.

N.C. legislature caught two red herrings: voter fraud and LGBT bathrooms.

Have they implicated Hillary in the death of Scalia yet?

If debating human rights with Castros, I wouldn’t pick Obama for my team.

Trump’s Darkness Savings Plan: Set your watch back 50 years.

Can a Mack Trump be stopped?

Sanders or Madoff. Different Bernies, same result.

Winter is over. It’s springtime for Donald.

Those immigrants didn’t take your jobs. They were given your jobs.

Representing yourself at your own murder trial is pleading insanity.

That’s right kids, do something unethical and you can be a millionaire like Hulk Hogan.

If I can clearly see drivers texting, why can’t police?

S.C.: The Pothole State.