N.C.’s bathroom law: Are we a stupid state?


Maybe you don’t care how the rest of the country views our fair state: as a formerly progressive Southern state that has been taken over by crazy people.

Of course, I am sure many of the fair citizens of Alabama and Mississippi and a few other Confederate states think we are Great Americans, but I can assure you the people of about 45 of the 50 states are laughing at us.


Because our Legislature – the people you voted for to represent you – just spent $42,000 in a one-day special session Wednesday making North Carolina bathrooms safe for everyone who needs to go.

I should confess something up front because I don’t know if what I did was legal or not. Recently, I stopped at a convenience store to use the bathroom. I really had to go. The men’s and women’s bathrooms were each one-holers. The men’s room was in use, so I started hopping up and down, which is usually what I do when I have to go and there’s a line.

Then I looked at the women’s room door. I knocked. No one answered, so I went inside, locked the door and did what I came to do.

Now I wonder if I broke the law.

People of North Carolina, do you know that all over Europe and in California and even in a few other places in North Carolina, there are unisex bathrooms. (Look it up.)

Do you know allowing transgender people to use the restroom of their choice will not lead to an increase in sexual assaults?

With our highways overcrowded and our bridges crumbling, with teachers quitting in droves because of low salaries and teaching conditions, with coal ash leaking into our formerly pristine waters, with a record number of poor citizens struggling to make ends meet, with some of our citizens literally sleeping in the streets, do you realize your elected leaders spent your money solve a non-existent problem: protecting our restrooms from sexual predators wearing dresses?

Do you realize we look stupid and ridiculous in the eyes of the nation?

If you’re proud of looking stupid, or you don’t care what the rest of the country thinks about our state, then re-elect the same idiots you sent to the Legislature the last time.

We are not a stupid state. Why do we have to act like one?

Walker Lundy, retired editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer and a former metro editor at the Observer, lives on Lake Norman. Write him at