The Buzz 03.26.16

New N.C. license plate: “First in Bigotry”

Raleigh Republicans, your bathroom law reform stinks.

That which is morally wrong can never be legally right.

First in Freedom. (Check for daily exclusions and retractions.)

Tempest in a pee pot.

The slide into the abyss has been slowed.

Bathrooms, toll roads, tax hikes. N.C. GOP is really watching out for you!

Legislators should be cleaning toilets, not regulating them.

We need the NFL’s new ejection rule for Congress.

Don’t like Trump’s position on an issue? Wait two weeks.

Trump haters need to learn the ABCs: Anybody But Clinton.

Jeb should’ve waited until April Fool’s Day to endorse Cruz.

Senators Burr and Tillis, it’s your job. Do it.

Judge Sarah for TV. Judge Judy for VP.