The Buzz 03.27.16

Coming this fall – Real Housewives of the GOP!

Why don’t Republicans select an adult to run for president?

Trump or Hillary? Choose your poison.

Put the LGBT ordinance on the ballot. Guarantee it’ll get flushed.

Let Go of Bigotry Today.

Guess Charlotte was just pissing in the wind.

C’mon Charlotte, get your act together. You’re starting to make Detroit look good.

What happened to you Pat?

Know the difference between George Wallace and Pat McCrory. Wallace repented.

N.C. public safety issues: coal ash, LGBT and the DOT.

Is there a little blue pill for ELECTile disfunction?

Burr and Tillis want voters to decide. Let’s do, and vote them out of office!

Change the name to No Chance Anyone’s Awake tournament.

It’s beautiful outside. If you don’t inhale.