The Buzz 03.30.16

North Carobama.

McCrory faults media for reading HB2 – something he failed to do.

San Francisco mayor bans employee travel to N.C.! Now that’s March Madness!

Hurry! Call 911. The governor’s pants are on fire!

Gov. McCrory is not very good at dodgeball.

I’m more worried about stray bullets than stray people in restrooms.

What is NC GOP’s position on Port-a-Johns?

Where did the FBI find their iPhone hacker? Craigslist Beijing?

We sent our son to college, and all we got back was a Bernie supporter.

Where are “The Monuments Men” when you need them?

Final privacy score: FBI 1, Apple 0

NCAA: North Carolina’s Awesome Adventure!

My team lost. Rained Easter. Obama’s fault.

Drivers ed begins in kindergarten: Get in line, stay in line, wait your turn!