The Buzz 03.31.16

Scaffolding on Capitol dome won’t fix derelict pols inside.

Stop all this potty-talk!

A photo ID to vote and a birth certificate to use the bathroom.

Keep Cooper. Throw out the stale Berger.

There are none so “blindsided” as those who will not see.

McCrory: Distort truth, blame media, grin, repeat.

Liberals plan to visit N.C. less? So far, so good.

AG won’t enforce law? Sounds like a resignation to me.

The man who routinely breaks wedding vows won’t honor the GOP pledge. No surprise.

I love Trump TV – or what others call CNN.

Thanks to an FBI hacker my phone is no more secure than my government.

If they can unlock your phone, they can unwipe your server.

If my newspaper is covered in pollen is that yellow journalism?