The Buzz 04.01.16

I don’t have a birth certificate. Can I use public toilets?

Guess now we rename it PortoPerson?

What you did in the dark Gov. Pat, has come to national light.

N.C. law deters conventions; CLT ordinance defies convention.

Charlotte Observer – Cooper SuperPAC.

N.C. gives new meaning to “check the plumbing.”

Gov, you’re still selling and we’re still not buying.

Sounds like the fire chief’s pants might be ablaze.

To future homeowners between the river and CLT: We’re not moving the airport!

Let the griping about airport noise begin.

Trump doesn’t discard people, just wives.

Come on Trump supporters, wake up!

Shouldn’t the Trump reality tour be over by now?

Look out NBA, Hornets are buzzing and stinging.

Too bad cankerworms don’t eat pollen.