The Buzz 04.02.16

Need HB3: Cankerworms cannot use the tree of their choice.

Gov. Pat McStrawman

If Gov. Cooper runs N.C. like he does his office, we’re in trouble!

Sir Raleigh thinks he stuck it to Ms Charlotte. Just wait til November!

I’m boycotting Boston baked beans. So, we’re even.

S.C. isn’t the craziest Carolina anymore.

N.C. – the Chicken Little State. The sky is always falling.

Vinroot is right – it’s the bathrooms, stupids!

Obama: “Hands off the China Sea or else. China: “NO.” Obama: “OK”

The glass gutter is shattered daily by Trump’s mindless comments.

Kill a gnat with dynamite, you’ll make the news.

Clinton and Trump lead the summer Olympics U.S. Verbal Gymnastics Team.

“Dadgum”: Coach-speak for *#%$&@*%#!

Free car bumpers I-85 south to I-77 south. Been there for days.