The Buzz 04.03.16

N.C. – First in Corporate Flight.

N.C. – a potty police state.

N.C. – where “Nothing Compares,” unless you’re Alabama.

Houston, we have a problem.

Where would the Buzz be without LGBT? Back on I-77!

Dan’s name may be Bishop, but he’s actually an ALEC pawn.

Will airlines have to lock the toilet doors when they enter N.C. airspace?

Nothing says “welcome to N.C.” like taxes withheld from my retirement.

Trump “means what he says and says what he means...” until he doesn’t.

I’m more concerned with ISIS’ bracket.

Sorry Kasich, you’re too qualified for the GOP.

I predict River District will be a roaring success.

National Distracted Driver Week – 52 weeks a year.

We need a National Non-Distracted Driver Week!