The Buzz 04.06.16


Flush HB2!

Abracadabra! McCrory will disappear in November.

Hard to find a downside to Hollywood filming their trash somewhere else.

Pat, loved you in Charlotte. Not so much in Raleigh.

Our Social Engineering Council started this mess.

Send that HB2 bill to Pat. He’ll sign anything!

If legislators want to save us money, let cable TV companies compete.

Reince Priebus for Coroner 2016!

Trump: “Mommy, Kasich is takin’ my toys. Make him quit playin.”

Keep chipping, Kasich. That wall is starting to crack.

If Trump loses, will he sue the country?

Hey Bernie, someone has to work!

Democrats would vote for Hillary even if she wore a Confederate flag pantsuit.

Slouching over computers is destroying more than children’s spines.