The Buzz 04.07.16

My bank account is already a virtual reality.


Spring has un-sprung.

My shell company is under the mattress.

Nothing says punishment like a 3-month paid vacation.

Amen, Pastor Cleghorn!

Gov. Pat is great for the economy – of South Carolina.

That loud noise you hear is the sound of jobs being sucked out of N.C.!

Raleigh Republicans – the Bad for Business Bureau!

Who needs politicians when companies tell us what we must do?

HB2 – a new virus?

Time to “PayPal the Piper,” Guv. Repeal HB2!

I’ll take principle over PayPal.

PayPal became PayBack.

Carolina comeback. You show ’em, Pat.

N.C. Republicans, turn out the lights. The Party is over!