The Buzz 04.08.16

“Jennifer made me do it!”

Pat – it’s time to pay, pal.

Moore/Berger bathroom bill flushes N.C. jobs.

It takes a village – and an extra restroom.

$50 contribution to Roy Cooper’s campaign – on PayPal!


No plate of cookies big enough to fix this mess.

Bet Chief Hannan got probation for his leak so he wouldn’t open the hydrant.

We need to be picking up more, not less, garbage.

C’mon Charlotte, the poor already have enough garbage to deal with in their lives.

Everything is legal and permitted until Hillary does it.

Better Ted than dead, GOP.

Sorry, Bernie, but there’s no such thing as a free lunch, free shipping or free education.

Cam should take a Paige out of Marcus’ post-game presser.