The Buzz 04.27.16

Charlotte’s road to world-class just took a detour through Mississippi.

Great Britain issues a travel advisory for N.C. – citing contagious ignorance.

Refusal to consider other viewpoints isn’t “common sense” either.

Don’t blame me. I voted for Walter Dalton!

Hi-ho, Silver! Stop threatening and take a stand.

Man who urinated in aircraft aisle identifies as being a dog.

Same folks who say Trump will be a bad president said Obama would be a good one.

I give up. This lifelong Republican going to have to learn how to ride a donkey!

Isn’t 24 years of Hillary enough?

Who’s it going to be – Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Trump?

Trump, Hillary, Bieber... Just not Cruz.

Hillary Clinton – assisted suicide for liberty.

UNC doesn’t lack institutional control. The Rams Club controls it 100 percent.

In Gettleman we trust!