The Buzz 04.28.16

Nothing says Moral Monday like raging grannies.

If only we’d only left well-enough alone...

NBA – Nothing But Arrogant.

Flush McCrory.

It’s hard for most people to admit a mistake, even harder for politicians.

Wonder what’s going on in the non-HB2 world?

Does Tubman replacing Jackson on the $20 now make it worth $15.60?

Va. governor gives 200K felons the vote. A Dem get-out-the-vote drive?

The moral fabric of America is in shreds.

Only thing missing from the gay Methodist stage production was a playbill.

You know things are bad for the GOP when a Koch brother suggests he could support Hillary.

Bernie Sanders is what happens when every child gets a participation trophy.

Imagining Trump with the nuclear codes is enough to put you off your feed.

Donald Trump and Sheriff Arpaio, now that’s a ticket!