The Buzz 04.30.16

Carly and Ted... A Cruz to nowhere.

“We the people” should be changed to “We the delegates.”

Cruz choosing a running mate is like the Cubs making room for a World Series trophy.

Diogenes is getting blisters on his feet looking for an honest politician.

Let’s add toll roads and term limits to that referendum!

At least the “modern” streetcars look like they could go fast.

I’m confused; is it OK now to go into any bathroom I want?

Mayor Roberts and Council – sacrificing common sense at the altar of political correctness!

Can we trade Pat McCrory to Mississippi for a second-round draft pick?

Your bank, your bathrooms. Not ours.

HB2oo much!

If I’m ever charged with a crime I’m hiring the Rams Club to represent me.

Pleeeease find a better picture of Ms. Tubman.