The Buzz 05.01.16

A referendum on HB2 is already scheduled. It’s called an election.

If ignorance is bliss, N.C. must be the happiest state in the country.

HB3: Repeal Jennifer.

Hope the governor’s budget includes moving expenses.

I’m all trans’d out.

The Gold Line is worth its weight in coal ash.

Sec. Foxx is right, the streetcar is not just a toy. It’s an extremely expensive toy.

If WWIII broke out, it’d get less ink than that Methodist wedding.

Quarterback Cruz makes a hail Carly pass.

Sure women can be president, but just not Hillary.

Ted needed someone with experience to downsize his campaign staff.

Boris & Natasha, Gomez & Morticia, Ted & Carly...

Let Ted live out his entire fantasy and name his cabinet too.

I know when I wake up it will be Biden vs. Romney