The Buzz 05.04.16

Gov. McCrory, urine big trouble!

New N.C. tag motto: First in Pee-dom

Clothes may make the man, but a dress doesn’t make him a woman.

Mayor Roberts needs glasses if she didn’t see this coming.

Sure do miss Dan Clodfelter.

The silence from the N.C. Chamber is deafening.

Multiple Mexican tunnels will trump Donald’s wall.

Lucifer is ticked at Boehner – for comparing him to Cruz.

“Feel the Bern” seems to be slipping into cool-down mode.

It’s time Bernie gave his new party the chance it gave him.

Republicans for Hillary!

Elephants put out to pasture by Ringling Brothers. GOP, take heed!

Just saw Thom Tillis’ name in the paper. Wait... Who is he again?

I didn’t know Hornets lay eggs.