The Buzz 05.06.16

Phil & The Overreachers crying about overreach? Boo-hoo, Mr. Berger.

We’uns here in N.C. don’t need no federal education money no how.

Will the third toilet be called the Jennifer?

Finally, a Cruz campaign promise I can get on board with.

Democrats get their wish – no Republican running for president!

#STOPTRUMP has experienced a brake failure.

Trump doesn’t hold beliefs, he just holds rallies.

Sometimes “politically correct” is just correct.

Running mate? Donald will just run with his ego.

Trump: My GOP’s Agent Orange.

You get the feeling that Bill was just Hillary’s warm-up act?

Obama can’t find an exit strategy from his exit strategy.

Watching all those drug ads on the evening news could turn one into a hypochondriac.

Love driving on those streetcar tracks. Helps the alignment on my car.

And just how many pictures of Ms. Tubman do you think there are?