The Buzz 05.07.16

HUGE sale on mashed potatoes, this weekend only.

DOJ: Game. Set. Match.

The DOJ just handed the governor the out he needs.

Biological gender is not optional. You are who you are.

N.C. GOP overreach – first my wallet, now my water closet.

Why not a new business tax in N.C. to fund unisex toilets?

I don’t even want to know what HB3 will do!

World-class or Third World?

Best way to defeat a bad law? Enforce it vigorously.

Who will Trump choose for VP? Larry, Curly or Moe?

Trump/McCrory in ’16!

GOP, the circus has left town, but the monkey is still on your back.

I’m with her!

Hillary has spent a lifetime of campaigning and dodging grand juries.

The time is ripe for a (qualified) third-party candidate.