The Buzz 05.08.16

President Trump announces 2017 reality show: You’re Deported!

Hillary cadence call: To the left, left...

300 million Americans and these are the best we can come up with?

Donald Trump IS an Etch A Sketch.

Jesse Helms passed away. His bigotry lives on.

A tax to fund unisex toilets? Call it Pay to Pee?

McCrory, Berger, Moore... Now there’s your Axis of Evil!

What’s “Civil” about a man in the same bathroom as my daughter?

That’s right kids. The grownups are actually arguing about bathrooms.

N.C. GOP is playing chicken and we’re going to end up in the deep-fryer.

Now I remember why I quit listening to John Boy & Billy years ago.

N.C. – small government run by small minds.

Sure wish I could read the Buzzes you don’t print!