The Buzz 05.09.16

If Bruton buys the Panthers can we just name a street after him, or do we have to rename the whole city?

Trump/McCrory ’16: Make America Hate Again.

Trump is in; politically correct is out.

If we keep HB2, then maybe Hillary won’t come to N.C.

Recipe for political success in N.C. – do something stupid and blame it on Obama.

Federal overreach? You mean that $5B a year the feds give N.C. schools and colleges?

Obama – the media’s first gift to America. Trump. Its second.

Let us not forget, China built a wall and it has lasted thousands of years!

We need another DNC so we can get our roads repaved.

When the potato truck crashed did the traffic spud-der to a stop?

The Civil War had Sherman's March. N.C. has the McCrory-Berger-Moore March.

Don’t wait. Flush the governor’s potty bill now!

True freedom of speech protects speech that is politically in-correct.