The Buzz 05.11.16

How long before we have to show a state-approved photo ID of our genitalia to use the restroom?

The legislature got caught with its pants down.

What will McCrory do about the unisex bathrooms in my home?

Thanks for taking the moral high ground Pat.

Admit it, Pat. You didn’t read the whole bill before you signed it.

Where can I bid on the contract for urinals in the ladies rooms?

It’s not the woman card she’s playing, it’s the competency card.

Wish Justice Dept. was as adamant about Hillary’s emails as they are with HB2!

If I can clearly see drivers texting why can’t police?

Bernie’s campaign song should be “Take This Job and Shove It”

Fundamentalists need to stop blaming government for destroying Christianity and check the real destroyer. Look in the mirror!

If we allow it to happen, we deserve a Bully-in-Chief.