The Buzz 05.12.16

Politicians should take the oath doctors do: First, do no harm.

Pinocchio Pat.

“Pandora’s box” is now “Jennifer’s box.”

Could a little Moore shallowness be added to that Berger?

Jennifer sure spun out on that hard left turn.

Putting the “goober” in gubernatorial.

Raleigh may be able to bully Charlotte, but poking the big dog is a mistake.

Where have all the adults gone?

HB2 – Homophobic Blunder squared.

Apocalyptic sign: Hillary stickers in Catholic church parking lots.

Trump rails Bill Clinton for infidelity? Have we entered a parallel universe?

Hillary has already had her eight years in the White House.

That Crossfit baby is going to be born with great abs!

Looks like there was a hole in Krispy Kreme’s plan.

Budweiser renamed “America”? I need a drink.