The Buzz 05.14.16

Missouri – the “Show Me State.” N.C. – the “Show Me Your Junk State.”


Denying others’ freedom has never been moral high ground, more like swampland.

DOJ just turned “purple” Carolina “red.” Hillary must be fuming.

L-g-b-t, L-g-b-t, L-g-b-...” Stop the drums, Observer! I’m going mad!

Maybe my grandmother had it right: One outhouse for ALL.

Wish I could get 29 cents per mile to drive to work.

Fine, give ’em a raise. Then give ’em a tax cut. That’ll show ’em.

Nurse Ratchet or The Joker? Decisions, decisions.

What a choice – Unpalatable vs. Unthinkable.

Too many unknowns about Trump? Too many knowns about Hillary!

So Mr. Self Funding is having a California fundraiser, huh?

Clover’s here, where’s the bees?