The Buzz 05.15.16

Hey Gov. McCrory, Mississippi called, it wants its hate back.

On the count of 3, everyone bow to the .03 percent.

HB2 has caused a huge pee-for-all.

Didn’t N.C. try separate but equal bathrooms before? Like 1955.

Can we go back to a time when all you took to school was your lunch?

I’ll pay your payroll tax when you quit buying my S.C. gas.

Franklin judges so much he ought to wear a robe.

Will Trump be competing in the summer Olympics back pedaling event?

Obama changes his position he’s a flip-flopper. Trump does it, he’s flexible.

Donald will show his tax returns as soon as Hillary shows all her emails!

Catholics with Clinton stickers? They ain’t from around here!

Lyin’ Ryan: “We have met the enemy and we are his.”

A paralyzing illness is sweeping the land: It’s called Phoneitis.