Email flap won’t hurt Clinton


Hillary Clinton showed bad judgment by violating email rules.

But here’s the thing: It won’t matter in November. I’m betting the email flap won’t change one Hillary Clinton vote.

If you like Hillary, you can say that yes, she messed up, but it’s nothing major. She didn’t break any laws. If you hate Hillary, you can say that she is untrustworthy, conniving, and everything else. Unworthy of the office of president.

My feeling is that most people either don’t fully understand the email server issue, or don’t really care. They know Hillary did something she probably shouldn’t have, but let’s hear her talk about how she’s going to help the economy and help me put my children through school.

Republicans tried to go after Clinton with Benghazi, Libya. They still are, even though everybody involved says nothing more could have been done.

Hillary showed bad judgment. Period.

Donald Trump has also shown bad judgment in the past.

What are you folks going to do to make my life better? That’s what voters want to know.