The Buzz 05.29.16

Sown: eight years of nasty obstructionism. Reaped: Donald Trump.

Hang in there Hill, You’ll get Donald in office yet!

Would it be more embarrassing to lose to Trump, or win with him?

American media: All Trump, all the time.

A lot of us are suffering from electile dysfunction.

Dear Media, here’s how to kill the T-monster you created: Starve it.

Trump thinks global warming is a hoax. I think he is.

“Death fell from the sky” on Pearl Harbor too.

But I don’t want a tax cut – I want great colleges, better schools, roads, parks!

Definition of discrimination: when we don’t get our way.

Duke QB not wearing a seat belt. Thought Duke students were smarter than that.

Odd state of affairs: Coal ash ponds, OK. Tesla dealerships, not so much.