The Buzz 06.02.16

Mr. Trump, you’re all hat, no cattle til I see those taxes.

It’s been a good year for Trump Whineries.

Donald, you give bully a bad name.

W’s looking pretty good all of a sudden.

Hillary used her server accidentally on purpose.

Time to get ready, Joe Biden.

“Affordable” Care Act?

Gov. Pat should spend some of his political funds on a fact-checker.

Just paid my first utility bill with sales tax added. Don’t think Roy Cooper did that.

Guess Tesla didn’t have enough grease to grease palms.

CMS – Can’t Mow Schoolyards?

Think Leonard Pitts ever gets tired carrying that heavy load of anger and bitterness?

Charlotte’s past has already become history – one tree at a time.

To the DOT Monopoly: Do not bypass Monroe. Do not collect $2 billion.