The Buzz 06.03.16

What fresh hell awaits me on I-77 this morning?

Just one smooth road, please!

Over 7 1/2 years the economy ought to grow a little – and a little it did.

Can’t afford Trump tuition? Wait ‘til you see Trump taxes.

Mitt might be president if he had put as much effort into campaigning as he does attacking Trump.

Trump’s mouth is his “third party” opponent.

Trump haters may soon hear: “You’re fired!”

President Hill, VP Bill, and Supreme Court Justice Barack – the trifecta!

Clinton says Trump is unqualified, unfit. Define unqualified, unfit.

You reap what you sow Ken Starr. Take note Trey Gowdy.

Broadwell earned that scarlet A.

Hey all you glass house residents, leave Paula alone!

Email cyber-stalker gets caught – and complains about words?