The Buzz 06.08.16

You can run a Lynx to a millennial, but you can’t make him ride.

Hang up your hat, Alma.

Tricia Cotham must’ve bought the million-robocall package.

American Democracy: 1776-2016.

The Teflon Duo: Slick Willy and Slick Hilly.

“Art of the Deal”? GOP got a huge Faustian bargain.

Trump U should be an education to us all.

Trump U – a better bargain than a Hillary speech.

Time wounds all heels, Donald.

Going to need a very hot shower after the November election.

Time to lower the flag on Time Warner.

Who died and made Airbnb host Todd Warner spokesman for the South?

Of course, my insurance premiums never went up before Obamacare.

Ironic... Ken Starr taken down by a sex scandal.

TV forecasters, it’s rain, not the plague.