The Buzz 06.09.16

These election year payroll games are driving teachers to tiers.

Disobedience wrapped in the flag is still disobedience.

One person’s art is another person’s taxes.

HB1, H1B – discrimination comes in many acronyms.

Trump favorite movie is “Citizen Kane.” I had my money on “The Sting”!

I’m worried Hillary’s a liar, and I’m worried Trump’s not.

Can’t wait for Trump’s next reality show: “Flip That White House”!

Yes, that is a tangled web Hillary weaved.

Axis of weasles: Donald states, DNC refines, Dionne publishes.

A labor participation rate of 62.6 percent is not an economic recovery.

Let’s honor Muhammad Ali by finding a cure for Parkinson’s.

A mistake is when you make a left instead of a right. Paula made a decision.

Highway sign: Welcome to North Carolina. Pee at your own risk.