The Buzz 06.10.16

Rev. Harris should take his second political defeat as a sign from God.

37 percent teacher turnover rate – wake up CMS!

Where else but a doghouse to keep that new breed, the Meth Lab?

Dear CATS: Broken fare boxes don’t have to stay that way!

Hat’s off, Alma!

Alma won and Tricia finished third, which left Malcolm in the Middle.

Trump is “walking back” so many of his statements he’ll soon be in 1990.

Trump, Trump he’s our man. Media, media just don’t understand.

I don’t care about Hillary making history, I want her to be history.

How many more mulligans does Trump get, GOP?

Free college? Sure, right after they reduce your insurance premiums.

Do Hillary and Kim Jong Un have the same tailor?

D-Day on page 12 Tuesday. Never forget?

How long before we treat 9/11 like D-Day?