The Buzz 06.11.16

Looks like Carly Deal got an education in CMS bureaucracy.

Carly Deal – CMS’s loss, Cabarrus County’s gain.

GOP: Damn the principles. Full speed ahead.

My terror alert level rises whenever Trump speaks.

Prerequisite for becoming a Clinton aide: Amnesia.

Party first, party second, party third. USA last. Paul Ryan.

A $1B Obama library in the offing. Look for a pyramid to rise in Chicago.

How can Bernie fix the economy when he can’t even do simple delegate math?

Doesn’t matter who’s president. Charles Koch rules.

McCrory – Duke Power first, N.C. later.

N.C., please stop cutting my taxes. I can’t afford it.

The Bathroom Solution: One for men, one for women, one for Democrats.

Dear Charlotte, Save money. Remove all speed limit signs. No one uses them!