The Buzz 06.19.16

Wish I had a part-time job that paid $37K and I could vote myself a big raise.

A minimal park and tiny living spaces will “honor the history of Brooklyn”?

Charlotte is slowly selling its soul to developers. Farewell, Marshall Park.

Bank tellers will soon join phone operators in historical obsolescence.

Please resume the daily HB2 stories. All this real news is depressing.

Can’t digest Obama’s “healing” speech – Wednesday’s venom’s too fresh.

Remember, with Hill you get Bill.

Both parties have proved “historic” nominations have a dark side, too.

Will Rogers was wrong. We have the worst politicians money can buy.

Burr for veep? He’d better focus on trying to keep his current job.

Didn’t realize NASCAR approved Ardrey Kell Road as their next track.

When Peter St. Onge prepares sous vide recipes, wonder if he uses the burners on the left side of the stove?