The Buzz 06.18.16

All you need is love – and a ban on automatic weapons.

No Fly? No Buy!

The four branches of GOP government: executive, legislative, judicial, and the NRA.

The GOP is shooting itself in the foot – with an assault rifle!

Want to fire assault weapons? Join the military, they’ll provide them free.

Finally, Republicans are starting to see they played the wrong Trump card!

Didn’t vote for him. Won’t vote for her.

Hillary, meh. Trump, OMG!

How can I rescind my vote for Bernie?

I, too, favor deporting those who are a threat to our country. Trump, pack your bags.

Donald’s secret to business success: Inheritance!

It’s not political correctness, it’s maturity.

Everywhere in Charlotte is a “former historic site.”

Who fact-checks PolitiFact?