The Buzz 06.23.16

Remember when Sarah Palin was the craziest person in politics?

EU: Too big to exit?

Asking pols if they need a pay hike is like asking your dog if he wants a hamburger.

Trevor is Fuller of something!

Transparency? We’re not buying it.

It is about transparency, because I can see right through it!

Wish my employer would make my pay more “transparent.”

At least Ridenhour, Puckett have some measure of integrity.

They’ll have iced tea in hell before I pay a toll to drive on a public road.

Anyone saving the clippings Ms. Lynch trims from the Constitution?

Donald: Hillary’s trump card.

Steph Curry’s Warriors were better than all but one NBA team. How is that failure?

My kid says the game 7 score doesn’t matter. Everybody should get a trophy!