The Buzz 06.26.16

Time for the “transparent” commissioners to disappear!

Who says being a politician doesn’t pay!

Note passed to bank teller during a robbery: “This is about transparency.”

We own it, People! We elected all these politicians.

What ever happened to that “well-regulated militia”?

G.O.P. – Gang Of Puppets?

Burr and Tillis – supporting American terrorists one AR-15 at a time.

The GOP – a wholly owned subsidiary of the NRA.

The U.S. Senate couldn’t pass a bill if it was coated in Ex-Lax.

Trump “threatens” to self-fund campaign. Threatens who?

Looks like the GOP may need a GoFundMe page!

To be ruled or governed, that is the question.

Hillary vs Paul Ryan. Now that would make for a good debate!