The Buzz 06.25.16

Vietnam vet John S. Butler for Congress – on the Wise Grownup ticket.

Guess pulling the trigger on gun control is harder than in a nightclub?

If the Senate won’t change its stance on gun control, time to change the Senate.

Rucho is like an abscessed tooth: It’ll be gone at some point, but until then it’s painful.

Co-workers and I voted ourselves a raise. Didn’t work as well...

Only “transparent” thing about that pay raise was its disregard for taxpayers.

Too bad we won’t keep commissioners around long enough to enjoy that extra money.

Don’t like teacher pay? Tenth grade economics: Don’t be one.

News flash Hillary – we’re already bankrupt!

Donald’s campaign war chest looks smaller than his hands.

Remember, Donald’s wall to keep them out can also keep us in.

Another day I didn’t use Algebra – but I did drive a car and balance my bank account.