The Buzz 06.29.16

Brexit and you bought it, UK.

My 401(k) thinks I’m British.

For a nation with few guns, the Brits are good at shooting themselves in the feet.

Teacher’s pay, HB2, I-77 tolls. Three strikes, Pat. You’re out!

The county commission needs a case of “Stop Leake.”

Consider that severance pay – you won’t be re-elected.

“Transparent”? That’s nothing more than Leakey logic to get Fuller pay.

Public service: To give back, not take from.

Old Brooklyn, ol’ Bill – the further their prime-times recede, the rosier they get.

GOP motto: In case of emergency, blame Obama!

Clinton and Warren: Thelma and Louise driving America off a cliff.

Trump’s visit to Scotland during Brexit was a double bogey.

Trump’s new-found religion: foxhole conversion.

New No. 1 on endangered species list: humans with common sense.