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Anonymous Observer readers on the issues of the day

This election is not about Republican vs. Democrat, but about the status quo vs. a real and tangible change for the better in our country. The change may not be easy, but worthwile endeavours seldom are.

If this presidential race is going to be about how fast a candidate disavows remarks made by their religious associates, then Bush and McCain also have a lot to answer for.

Is McDonald's charging a lower price for their now tomato-less sandwiches?

I never liked the name Barack. It sounds like I'm clearing my throat. Let's just call him Jimmy Jr. from now on.

The quality of the Observer's newsprint now matches the quality of its content. Makes sense, I guess.

How can GOP senators accuse Democrats of not doing anything when they stopped closure on 73 bills – 11 more than the previous record?

Gov. Easley, instead of wasting money on higher teacher salaries use it for reduced class size, technology, training, supplies and legal fees if necessary to fire the incompetents.

Thank you Democrats! Of the two candidates, this moderate Republican feared Hillary more than Obama. We now have a fighting chance!

Fining people for cheering at graduation is a violation of our rights. What rights will they try to strip from us next?