The Buzz

Every time there is a country whose behavior we want to change – such as Cuba, Haiti and Zimbabwe – we think we can do so with trade sanctions and embargoes. All that does is starve the people while the rulers live like kings.

Obama said we must “accept responsibility for ourselves.” Doesn't he realize he is talking to Democrats?

Wall-E ran for president in 2000 – and lost.

The yellowcake shipped to Canada was from Iraq's pre-Gulf War program and, prior to the U.S. invasion, was being guarded by the International Atomic Energy Agency. It is not evidence of Mr. Bush's WMDs.

I hope all of you who called Sen. Helms a racist whistle the same tune when Sen. Byrd dies. He was a head man in the KKK.

According to her spokesman, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is in Tbilisi to work on issues affecting Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Aren't there more pressing issues for the U.S. that Ms. Rice could attend to?

To the Buzzer who wanted to know which part of “Slow traffic keep right” I don't understand: Which part of “Speed Limit 55 mph” don't you understand?

Does the Buzzer who has a problem with Rush Limbaugh's $50 million-a-year deal also have a problem with paying Oprah $275 million a year just to cry and yo-yo diet?